Why are more and more dealers fleeing big brands

- Oct 14, 2018-

Why are more and more dealers fleeing big brands


In the early days, dealers were very eager for big brands. Who wouldn't want to represent a big brand? It is easy for big brands to enter the channel, and they have certain voices in negotiating with township dealers. They have large sales volume and can quickly establish outlets. In addition, the agent brand can enhance its management ability. With the help of manufacturers, it can standardize its own market, management, marketing and other standards, so that its own market is more standardized and controllable, making money easier.

In recent years, the economic situation is not good, the sales tasks of manufacturers have not decreased with the changes in the market, but have increased year by year, and the pressure has become a necessary homework for manufacturers. It’s no surprise that missions and markets are separated from the industry. Acting big brands, gradually become a headache for dealers. The decline in consumption caused by the financial crisis, the credit crisis triggered by some brands, is becoming an accelerator for the reshuffle of low-speed industries.

Acting big brands, is gradually becoming a chicken. It’s a pity to abandon it.

Acting big brands on a dealer's financial strength, team strength, market development capabilities, a lot of tests.

Dealers need a lot of liquidity, and the funds are invested in the goods, which may not be able to earn a response. Some big brands have many products, although the brand is very well-known, but because the product line is too long, too many items, lack of high-quality star products, the market competitiveness is gradually declining, the products are not sold, and the big date goods, price reduction promotions, etc. are constantly exchanged. The profit of dealers has gradually declined, and there are many losers.

The meager profit can't be compared with the early market. The boss earns less, the excellent talent pays can't keep up, and the good talent can't be recruited. The overall management team literacy is low. In addition, the task is heavy, the cost is high, the employee turnover rate is large, and the talents that are hard to train are quickly lost and even become competitors. The big brand manufacturers are extremely strict with their own requirements. When the team's ability can't keep up, the boss can only go on their own. The boss's ability is getting stronger and stronger, and he is getting more and more depressed. He is getting tired and complaining.

The vicious sequelae of squeeze competition caused by sluggish consumption are highlighted. Some large companies continue to introduce new products, increase market advertising efforts, and develop more affordable products in order to seize the market. Some big manufacturers are crazy to divide the brand. According to the truth, the brands are divided into high, medium and low 3, but when the brand changes from one to N, the sales volume has been improved, and the sweet taste has been tasted for a while, which has played the role of leading the big brother! Next, there is another leading company that has reached N brands (N>4). This suicide speculation in order to quickly return funds to dispose of dealers has spread rapidly in the fast-moving consumer goods industry!

Small and medium-sized manufacturers have to survive, they have to do their best to kill the bleeding road, low prices, cottages, fakes, market competition, white blade, not your death is my life. More and more products are covered with dust in the terminal dealers, no sales, no one cares, dealers do not dare to push. Acting big brands, the market needs to sink further, and more products need to be driven. In the face of new market changes, the previous experience suddenly became useless. With the popularity of e-commerce and micro-business, information acquisition is more convenient, newer products, cooler packaging, and more market-oriented marketing methods emerge. The dealers have three heads and six arms, and they will feel overwhelmed and take care of them.

In 2018, distributors who felt that their business was still available accounted for only 16%. When it comes to bad business, everyone is almost unanimous.

This is the reality before us. The overwhelming economic crisis on the Internet has spread wildly in the dealer circle, just because it has touched itself and revealed the real status quo.

The majority of brand manufacturers, please cherish your dealer friends.

Without them, your brand is still a small brand.

Thousands of dealers have picked up your brand and helped you to capture the market and lay down the country.

It is the majority of dealers, unloading at night, delivery during the day, pulling a lot of money back,

The silver of the white flowers was sold out, and the goods were delivered hard, sold, and dunned.

The busy home can't take care of it, the child can't take care of it, and the wife doesn't have time to care...

After years and nights of persistence, we have the foundation of the brand, the brand's popularity and market share.

Compress goods, please press the dealer's sales progress to scientifically press the goods, do not blindly press the goods. Not to mention any new products are all sent to the dealer. You can let the dealer test the sales, but there must be a degree, not to promote a new product that does not flow, the dealer's funds are occupied, and ultimately there is no money to do the market, no mind to do the brand.

Market policy should not change, change a salesman's policy, and make the brand synonymous with untrustworthiness. Not to play a game of national policy, each region should be properly adjusted according to the actual situation. It is necessary to treat each county as a country, rather than indiscriminately commanding, commanding, not to ignore the feedback from dealers, and miss the dealer. Feedback, it is possible to lose the market. Competitors are attacking at any time, we don't want to stay in the brand ivory tower.

R & D personnel must go to the market more, understand more about the front line, do not do some seemingly good new products, the result is out of the masses, not grounded, become a chicken rib.

Cherish the hard-won big brands, but also cherish the dealers who have been quietly supporting the hard work of our brand. Don't just change the dealers casually. Don't just take away the dealer's agency right. The dealers work hard to get the market up. A salesman will change the dealer if he doesn't look good. What is the factory friendship? What is morality? Where is the business road?

Brand is not only the trust that product quality brings to consumers, but also the trust of dealers and friends for the management of manufacturers and the trust of manufacturers.

I wish more brands and distributors in the remaining months of 2018 will be deeply bundled, deep cooperation, and win-win for manufacturers. I hope that more dealer friends will not only work hard, but also make real money.