Do battery business, must read Hu Xueyan, it is difficult to make money

- Oct 23, 2018-

Do battery business, must read Hu Xueyan, it is difficult to make money!


Today we will share a few business experiences that Hu Xueyan summed up with his life experience.

Article 1: To do things, first be a man

People are the mainstay of business management. In Hu Xueyan's view, if you want to be a good person, you must have four knowledge: "knowledge, common sense, courage, insight." Knowledge and common sense can be obtained through diligent reading, and courage and insight can be obtained through practical activities. When you are truly armed by these four abilities, you can go to commercial activities.

Article 2: To be a major event, to be human first

There are several layers of meaning here. The first is to attract talents; the second is to make friends. Even in the business field, this is the case, as Hu Xueyan said: silver is used up, friends are the things of a lifetime; third, people must help each other. It’s the way to rely on parents at home and to go out to friends.

Article 3: Words and Letters, Sincerity and Righteousness

Reputation and virtue are essential elements to be a successful businessman. Integrity in business is also the unchanging truth of our history. Perhaps this is an important basis for Hu Xueyan's business to grow bigger. Even if there is a loss in the short term, it cannot be said without a word.

Article 4: Grasping the current situation is the top priority

When talking about his own business strategy, Hu Xueyan once said: "It is a top priority to do business and grasp the current situation." This is very insightful. The reason why he can become a "red-top businessman" who is famous all over the world is inseparable from his ability to grasp the current affairs. A successful businessman is often half a social problem expert. Politics and the economy are two important aspects that are closely linked to social life, past, present and future. Anyone who wants to make a difference in the business world must grasp the current situation and control the situation.

Article 5: The network determines the money pulse and also determines the lifeline.

Hu Xueyan's skill in the world is a magic weapon for his career success. It is also evil, both internal and external. Using its unique style of action and the way of life, we have mastered and applied a set of successful business practices. Only when the world is in harmony, can we find the connections of all parties, and we can cope with all kinds of difficulties, and we can help each other, and provide a rare guarantee for the cause. Throughout Hu Xueyan's life, he has achieved tact, harmony, harmony and perfection in his life. This has made him meet many business friends, social friends and bureaucrats, which makes him feel like a duck in his life. In the face of all kinds of difficulties, he has become a master of peerlessness.

Hu Xueyan's business training is "day", "land" and "person". The content is: heaven is the innate wisdom, the business is the foundation; the earth is the day after tomorrow, and it is based on honesty; the people are benevolent, understand the choice, pay attention to the "gentleman love" Wealth, get it right." Regardless of the size of the business, when a businessman truly starts from himself, maintains a good business philosophy and a reasonable view of money, then he is a qualified business.