Excellent employees are doing this

- Jul 17, 2018-

Excellent employees are doing this!

Everyone may encounter setbacks in their work. Everyone is likely to fall into the low point of professional development. They need to complain and relieve the pressure of life. Therefore, complaints become an emotion that spreads in society. It sounds like it seems. Nothing wrong.

The problem is that once you develop the habit of complaining, the mindset that forms a complaint inside, we lose the sense of responsibility and mission of work, ignoring the happiness and happiness brought about by the completion of work and the growth of oneself.

What can you complain about?

Any market-oriented company wants to hire an employee who can solve problems and bring value to the company, rather than a chattering critic.

1, complain about salary

People always have high expectations for themselves, think they should be reused, and they should get rich rewards. Compared with the development space, the meaning of work, the corporate atmosphere, the exercise of personal abilities, etc., everyone pays more attention to the level of wages, and wages seem to be the standard for them to measure everything.

2, complaining about colleagues

Accusations and complaints will not bring any benefits to your work, but expose our childishness and incompetence. Moreover, straightforward criticism will make others feel lost face, self-esteem is insulted, and eventually the two sides are not happy. The situation that is difficult to clean up.

How to be an actor who does not complain

Behind every seemingly reasonable complaint, there is a better choice, that is, to change the status quo and to be an actor who does not complain.

1. Instead of complaining about others, change yourself.

Many people often blame others in their usual work, but rarely find reasons from themselves. In fact, the existence and practice of others must have their rationality.

It is better to change yourself when you complain about others. You change yourself and everything will change. This is just like we can't cross the wall, but we can get around and achieve the same goal.

2. Turn complaints into constructive opinions

If we think about our own ideas from the perspective of the company and offer them in a way that the leaders can accept, or actively implement them, I think the company should be very welcome.

3. The company is your ship

In the fierce market competition, the company is like a ship. Whether they are bosses or employees, once they set foot on this ship, their destiny is closely linked. They share a common direction, a common destination, and the fate of the ship is the destiny of all.

4, work with the boss's mentality

If you work with your boss's mindset, then you will think about your job from a global perspective, determine where the job is in the entire work chain, and you will find the best way to work. Will do a better job.

Working in this state of mind, you will not reject the tasks assigned by your boss. You will think that this is an opportunity to demonstrate and exercise your ability to work.

5, close the mouth of the complaint, take the hard legs

There is no hard work, no matter how good the plan is, and no matter how good the plan is, it can only stay on paper or just a good idea, and it can never become a reality.

6, Le do organize a brick, where to move where to move

If you want to achieve something, you can organize a brick, where you need to move in the spirit of obedience, and you don’t have to find an excuse to find a way to act, and you can be the most popular person in the enterprise. The boss and the boss are favored.

7, the work is most afraid of not in place, there will be a good position in place

Just as the lid has to be screwed into place, the water in the bottle will not leak out, and the work will be done in order to receive the desired results. Any leader is worried that the subordinates will not do things in order to get things done, because the leaders must be responsible and even have the greatest responsibility.

8, the idea determines the way out, the head determines the pocket

What kind of thinking, what kind of way out, what kind of thinking you make, what kind of income there is. Therefore, we must break the stereotype of thinking and actively change our own ideas to ensure that we are not eliminated by this world.

Training methods to change the mindset

Complaining makes people's thoughts superficial and narrow-minded, making you incompatible with the company's ideas, and making your development path narrower and narrower. The last thing is impossible, so the biggest victim of complaints is yourself.

1. Rethink before complaining

Before you complain, you may wish to ask yourself if you are working hard enough. It is important to know that you can do your best. Not others are unfair to you, but you are not working hard enough.

2. Think of difficulties as challenges to yourself

When faced with unfavorable environments or problems, why can't we treat the difficulties as a kind of temper? In the work, responsible for the results of the work, is also responsible for their own salary, but also responsible for their own future, rather than cursing the dark, it is better to light the candle.

3, talk less and do more

The only way to stop complaining is to let yourself act. Many people often blame others in their usual work, but rarely find reasons from themselves. In fact, if you change yourself, everything will change.

There is no humble job in this world, only a humble mentality. Instead of complaining, it is better to bury your head and work hard, and use all the time and thoughts of blaming to improve your core competitiveness and fully carry out your own work, and to be a practitioner who does not complain.