Terrible Lithium battery is self igniting Dealer losses up to 800000

- Nov 19, 2018-

Terrible! Lithium battery is self-igniting! Dealer losses up to 800,000! !


In recent years, lithium batteries have replaced more and more lead-acid batteries, and more and more people are engaged in the lithium battery industry. But is this really the case? After reading the following content, you will know.

At the beginning of November, the electric vehicle being charged in the corridor of the Tieling Community in Liaoning suddenly exploded. A woman with her 5-year-old son happened to pass by. At the moment of the explosion, the woman used her body to protect her child and died unfortunately. The child was seriously injured and burned in many places. She died four days after the rescue.

Lead-acid batteries will not explode, and the safety of lithium batteries is indeed worthy of attention. There is another case that is even more scary.

It is understood that Ms. Wang’s family is selling electric cars. She was not in the store when the incident occurred. The neighbor next door called her and said that her shop was on fire. At the entrance of the store, there were several sets of lithium batteries. The fire was caused by the burning of the electric cars in the store after the self-ignition of the lithium batteries. The home next door was also burnt and the loss was heavy.

After a rough estimate, Ms. Wang’s own loss is about 300,000, and the neighbor next door also asked her to pay 500,000. Ms. Wang feels that she has nowhere to go.

Therefore, the technology of lithium battery is not very mature for the time being. Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries have high energy density, long life, small size and light weight, but only low safety is enough. Stop.

The quality of lithium battery products is mixed, and internal short circuit will cause explosion. The inferior lithium battery produced by the manufacturer also causes an explosion. The thermal runaway caused by overcharge will also cause an explosion. Therefore, lithium batteries explode when they occur. Everyone must pay attention to safety and buy batteries. You can't be cheap. The storage location should also be placed in a cool place to avoid high-risk environments. For the safety of others and their own, remind the friends of the battery industry to choose reliable brands, otherwise they will endless troubles.