Yang Yusheng The battery is light in weight not cutting corners

- Nov 08, 2018-

Yang Yusheng: The battery is light in weight, not cutting corners! !


Many people said that lead acid is about to be eliminated by lithium batteries. Especially since the introduction of the new national standard for batteries, such voices have become more and more. Many users have said that the weight of batteries is getting lighter and lighter now. Some people think that this is a factory to cut corners. But friends are already in 2018, and the technology is constantly improving. Academician Yang Yusheng said that increasing the battery specific energy means reducing the weight of the battery!

So why now the battery life is getting shorter and shorter, and it is getting less and less durable...you will know after reading the following.

First, the battery is not allowed to add cadmium, the battery is more environmentally friendly.

According to the "Leading Battery Industry Access Conditions" formulated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and industry associations, it is clearly stated that the existing lead-acid batteries with a cadmium content higher than 0.002% or an arsenic content higher than 0.1% should have a production capacity of lead-containing batteries. It will be phased out before December 31, 2013. Each battery company strictly abides by national regulations. The batteries produced after 2014 meet the national standards and strictly control the cadmium and arsenic content in the battery. Some enterprises even introduce batteries that are completely free of cadmium and arsenic. Objectively speaking, the battery will not cause cadmium and will cause service life. Stability has a certain decline, but from the long-term perspective of the country's development: not the battery is not good, but the battery is more environmentally friendly!

Second, electric vehicles are getting heavier and more power-consuming.

Before 2014, the simple electric vehicles that were mainly sold in the market, with the increasing demand for comfort, the proportion of luxury models in the market is getting bigger and bigger, and the weight of luxury models is obviously increased. As the power is increased, the mileage and service life of the electric vehicle will decrease.

Third, the inferior charger is flooding, and the battery is a victim.

In the past few years, the competition in the charger industry has become more and more fierce. Many charger manufacturers have cut corners and reduced the cost. In order to increase market competitiveness, reduce costs, lower prices, and sacrifice quality, the proportion of batteries that are damaged by inferior chargers is increasing.

Especially in the recent period, the Beijing Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce has conducted a random check on the quality of electric bicycle chargers and found that the quality of chargers for many electric vehicle batteries is unqualified.

Fourth, small factory products cut corners, users buy cheap batteries cheaply.

Since 2014, the battery industry has been experiencing a fierce price war. Many battery manufacturers have used the No. 1 lead to replace the lead No. 1 used before the cost reduction. The battery barely survived the shelf life and the life expectancy decreased.

Now there are some small vans selling batteries on the street. Most of the batteries are inferior. These batteries are either doped with bricks or filled with cement, but the users can't see them. They just think that they look almost the same and they are quite cheap. Just bought it!

The circle sister reminds everyone to buy batteries, don't be cheap, otherwise it is really endless!